September, 2015 Florence, Lucca, and Paris

Here are some of the comments that our travelers to Italy and France made after their trip:

"Each location was strategic and centrally located, making the area extremely accessible. Kent and Cyndi accomodated multiple expectations, individual personalities, and group dynamics. The trip surpassed our expectations." Polly, 2015 Traveler

"I liked the independence during the time in each location without the worry of hotels/transport, eating outside every day, walking/walking/walking, not working! And the 3-5 days in each location (rather than moving a lot more)." 2015 Traveler

"All the details were taken care of--I had no worries!" 2015 Traveler

"Fabulous trip! Thank you!" 2015 Traveler

"All we had to do was enjoy" 2015 Traveler

"The tour directors are there every morning with advice and are available to answer questions and make suggestions. They were very concerned that all participants had a good, safe experience. I really enjoyed the I.T. format. It is fun to do what suits the individual traveler. Your introductory tours upon arrival were great. I was impressed with your hands-off approach while being so available." Dale, 2015 Traveler

"We received great service from you both. I felt very well looked-after with great assistance when needed. The trip was well-organized, and I always felt well-informed and kept up to date with changes. I most enjoyed the freedom and flexibility the independent format allowed for, and a great, convivial group of people. I appreciated the way folks seemed to watch out for each other and liked to laugh." 2015 Traveler

"The tour directors had unsurpassed knowledge of Paris and plenty of info on Italian locations, also. The best part of the trip was to have daily flexibility. For the ground transportation, each of our connections was smooth and professional." 2015 Traveler

"There is too much to pinpoint as far as my enjoyment. It was all great. I'll cherish all my memories--the group was wonderful." 2015 Traveler

"You both had a wealth of info to share. I enjoyed the history of places, seeing all kinds of people, art, architecture, eating new foods, getting to know people I've been around for years but have never known. Thanks Kent and Cyndi--for the experience of a lifetime. 2015 Traveler